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Windows 11 is Here, Are You Ready?

Have you upgraded to Windows 11? It’s now available on select devices. There are a number of new features and an updated look and feel. Here are just a few:

A new UI was built with ease of use as its main focus. Microsoft’s efforts to create a cleaner, more fluid environment will help you both at work and at play. New productivity features, including a new chat application with Micosoft Teams, designed to work right from your taskbar. New security features have been implemented with Windows Hello, which gives you stronger authentication methods like fingerprint, face lock and other biometrics.

While some users will want to upgrade as soon as possible, others may be a bit more cautious. A recently updated document from Microsoft lists the known issues with Windows 11. Right now, there are 3:

Compatibility issues have been found between Oracle VirtualBox and Windows 11 Microsoft and Oracle have found a compatibility issue between VirtualBox and Windows 11, when Hyper-V or Windows Hypervisor is installed. You might be unable to start Virtual machines (VMs) and you might receive an error. To safeguard your upgrade experience, we have applied a compatibility hold on these devices from installing or being offered Windows 11. Compatibility issues with Intel "Killer" networking software and Windows 11 Compatibility issues have been found between some Intel "Killer" networking software and Windows 11. Devices with the affected software might drop User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packets under certain conditions. This creates performance and other problems for protocols based on UDP. For example, some websites might load slower than others in affected devices, with videos streaming slower in certain resolutions. VPN solutions based on UDP might also be slower. Compatibility issues have been found between Cốc Cốc browser and Windows 11 Compatibility issues have been found between Cốc Cốc browser and Windows 11. Cốc Cốc browser might be unable to open and, on some devices, might cause other issues or errors.

Stay informed. Like all major updates, Windows 11 will roll out in stages, so it might not be appear automatically for a little while. Also, be aware of the hardware requirements Microsoft has listed for the upgrade.



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