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Rapidly Modernize
Business Applications

ReAccess® enables the rapid modernization of legacy applications as a fully compliant, secure, and stable Microsoft Azure apps in as little as two hours (with no-code). 

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Access Decoder

Decode Microsoft Access applications in their entirety and automatically recreate as a ReAccess application.

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No Code

Add features, fields and functionality in minutes and deploy to every user, LIVE. Users only ever use the latest version of your application.

LAD/D Process

Recreate any existing business application in ReAccess in hours, not months. Follow our simple framework and keep your team moving.

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Sustainable remote working solutions with Edge computing

  • ReAccess® is an Edge computing application that runs securely and directly on the user’s authenticated device.

  • While working at home, users can access their ReAccess® applications in the cloud.

  • Connectivity to the cloud is handled automatically by ReAccess® allowing end users to work offline.

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For Enterprise

Microsoft Global (Commercial) Cloud

For Government

U.S. Government Cloud (Impact Level 5)

Prefer to deploy via a different method, contact us below.

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