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Intact's Unique Value

1. We are Cloud Solution Provider experts for Microsoft Azure Gov and Commercial.
2. Our hyper-agile LAD methodology provides a unique rapid prototyping solution.
3. Robust no-code custom apps built and maintained by our expert team.
4. Experienced HoloLens 2 builders and proprietary 3D tools for creating efficient and effective Mixed Reality solutions.
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Why our clients use our solutions

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System requirements with documentation for developing prototypes or production ready cloud applications can be done in weeks.

The results provide an estimated time and cost savings of 75%.

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App development + business analytic projects are completed in weeks, not months, by non-developers. Results usually provide an estimated time and cost savings of 80%.

XRiren gives our clients the ability to seamlessly use HoloLens 2 for Logistics equipment & maintenance training as well as warehouse placement optimization.

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