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Why ReAccess?

If you have been using PCs for more than a few years, most likely you have used Microsoft Access. Matter of fact, some organizations still rely on old versions of it, which creates additional challenges, considering that Access is outdated, unsupported and lacking the necessary security for today’s modern workplace. Today, the world is mobile – many of us work at home with laptops, wi-fi, and smartphones. If only there was a cloud-based version of Access available that lets us securely connect virtually anywhere, with any device, and share data with others. With ReAccess, it’s possible.

ReAccess is Microsoft Access in the cloud. You can build web apps right in your browser that will replace static desktop applications built with old technology. All those Access applications built years ago won’t be stuck to a single desktop anymore. As a web-based No Code Development Platform, ReAccess will empower business users to design, implement and maintain working applications for their own needs, all without the need to wait on a developer or IT department to set it up. And importing old data is a breeze with a simple interface.

As a secure data repository, ReAccess goes beyond app creation with the most reliable cloud storage and management platform – Microsoft Azure. Everything created with ReAccess is stored on Microsoft’s servers and integrated with world class security using Azure Active Directory. The possibilities are endless with unlimited storage and user base. ReAccess also goes beyond data collection with integration to Microsoft Power BI. See what your data looks like in a new light with powerful analytics tools, dashboards, and advanced reporting.

This is the dawn of the Citizen Developer – a new movement of non-IT business application creators that harness the power of web-based platforms to accomplish their goals. ReAccess can take you there, making software building available to everyone.

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