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What is Building in Public?

The Build in Public movement has been making an impression on startups. Chances are, you’ve heard about it, but what exactly entails building in public?

Entrepreneurs creating no-code tools are putting their products out for the public to see before they are completed, so they can get a feel for how it will be received. This method of development brings the potential users into the products journey before it is polished and ready to release. The results of building in public include a niche group of people that are really interested in the entrepreneurs, and what they have to offer.

The practice goes beyond just application development. Some companies, known as “open startups,” are putting everything out there, from source code to revenue reports. This new level of transparency cultivates community and feedback, and establishes a higher level of accountability and trustworthiness.

Another advantage of building in public is open market research for your product. Talking to the public about your solution before it’s complete lets you find the perfect market fit. When you share your progress and validate your ideas with potential users, the finished product is more in tune with what they will need.

The Build in Public movement is promoted on Twitter, which is a great place to start learning more and connecting with others. You can find the tools to create new online solutions and learn how to promote them, and engage with communities that want to help you perfect your product.



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