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Using Microsoft Azure for Web Apps

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. Companies can build and manage applications remotely while staying within the Microsoft environment and deploy their applications globally through Microsoft’s datacenters.

Traditionally, companies will host their web and email servers on their own hardware. The most significant advantage of this is complete control of the servers, but that control comes with a price. Not only the cost of the hardware, but physical space, hiring IT professionals to set it up, and ongoing network maintenance.

With Azure, in-house servers are eliminated, along with the exorbitant price tag. Instead, you pay for access to resources that are maintained for you. These resources can include web and email servers, databases, file servers, as well as websites. As your business grows, services can be added as needed. Web apps built on the Azure platform are secure and scalable to any size environment based on demand. Beyond just web apps, you can even create a fully operational network infrastructure for your organization, complete with email, file sharing and enhanced communications.

Azure is an invaluable resource for startups and small businesses. Connecting to an established and secure datacenter allows entrepreneurs to focus more on their vision, and less on the technology needed to make that vision become a reality.

Cloud technology allows businesses to reduce costs and streamline their data usage. Plus, it is easily integrated with exiting Microsoft products and services. Learn how to do more with Microsoft Azure!



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