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The Benefits of Storing Your Database in the Cloud

The demand for cloud computing and web-based applications has never been greater. Remote computing is becoming the norm in many cases, and easy, secure access to data is key to making it work. In the past, the idea of “remote computing” was VPNs and Remote Desktop. While this is still widely used, especially among IT professionals, the smarter way to access data is through a cloud application.

Businesses of all sizes as well as entrepreneurs use cloud apps every day. It goes beyond accessing documents; having secure access to databases is vital to any organization who uses them. Not only that, but it’s also ready for your co-workers, making collaboration simpler.

There are so many advantages with cloud databases. Here are just a handful:

  1. Cloud databases are scalable. As your needs grow, your database will adjust accordingly. It’s easy to scale up or down as needed, which makes using a database an option for every business – large or small.

  2. When databases are stored on a local server, it makes accessing data more difficult. Cloud databases remove these physical limitations, making location nearly irrelevant. Your database is readily available wherever and whenever you are.

  3. There is no need for any hardware. With everything hosted in the cloud, the demand for physical server space goes away. Of course, it’s always important to have a backup plan available.

  4. Setting up an online database is a breeze, and managing it is even simpler with web access and intuitive tools.

Does your business use a local database? Maybe you’re storing business records in multiple Excel spreadsheets, or using Microsoft Access on a desktop. There is another option: With ReAccess, a fully functional business database can be created, ready to import existing data from other systems.

But there’s more… ReAccess is built on Microsoft Azure - the most comprehensive cloud application platform available. Do even more with Microsoft 365 – the next evolution of Microsoft Office, both online and on your device. Visualize your data with PowerBI, Microsoft’s business analytics platform. And rest assured that your data is safe with the best cloud security available today.

Moving your business data to the cloud offers limitless potential, and it’s easier than ever. It’s best to plan ahead and factor database size, expected growth, and the number of users you will need to run effectively.



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