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How Artificial Intelligence and No-Code Can Power Your Small Business

There’s a revolutionary trend happening in business today. Organizations large and small are becoming digital in a way never imagined. Leading this digital transformation are new no-code applications that include artificial intelligence capabilities. Using AI helps businesses make informed decisions on future paths.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is intelligence demonstrated by machines. In the case of computer software, it provides a programmatic ability to analyze data and determine a solution or pattern and make predictions, just as human perception and reason would do. A good example of AI in action is a chatbot on a retail website. A consumer can have a “conversation” with the chatbot to make a buying decision or get help with an order placed.

Marco’s Pizza utilized various types of AI to automate and enhance their delivery services. When the COVID-19 pandemic started, Marco’s was leading the path for contactless delivery to become mainstream.

Small and medium-sized business owners may read this and think “This is all great, but how could it help me when I have a limited IT budget?” AI technology has matured to a point that it is now available to use in no-code development platforms. Without the need to hire developers, no-code AI empowers organizations to harness the power of data analytics and classification. With drag-and-drop interfaces and easy importing of existing data, a training and prediction model can be created that only a short time ago, would be reserved to high-budget custom systems.

No-code AI, along with no-code machine learning are revolutionizing the sales and service industry. Data-driven prediction methods once reserved for large enterprise operations are now available to small and medium businesses. Those who transform their operations today with no-code apps and AI are setting themselves up for great success in the future.

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