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7 reasons why you should know about No-Code

No-Code has quickly become a tool that organizations are embracing. Because of its success over the past couple of years, there are now more than 1,000 “no-code apps” you can choose from in all shapes and sizes. Users, especially business users, are joining the no-code expansion. Working remote has only led to the growth. Do any of these reasons fit your organization?

#7 - Enhancements to no-code tools benefit your application.

This is so true, if you pick the correct no-code tool(s). The rapid development and expansion of no-code has created competition and no-code developers are continuously adding new features to their products. As long as you color within the lines, you will most likely benefit from the enhancements to their toolset, possibly for a long time.

#6 - Easier to estimate cost to build and operate.

Most no-code tools are paid for on a monthly/annual subscription with clear parameters for what you are purchasing. These tools also provide growth opportunities without much effort, just pay a little more as you grow. And, since the build effort is (should be) only a few weeks, the cost for creating your no-code app is easy to budget.

#5 - Can connect together like legos to enhance your solution.

Very few no-code tools provide a complete solution to your business problem. The good news is that many of the no-code tools that exist today, work well together. This is where the legos fit in. Connecting no-code tools together is sometimes referred to as a no-code “technology stack” where you piece together a no-code database, workflow, front-end website, automation, payments, authentication tools, etc. to hopefully work as a seamless product for your app.

#4 - You own it, not the IT department.

Okay, let’s get real. When you finally get the IT department to approve your app development request, and they build it, you still have to go to them for every darn thing you need to operate, enhance, and support YOUR app. With no-code, you now have the ability to design it, configure it, enhance it, secure it, grow it, budget it, and own it. It’s yours and you can now support your clients like you desire without having to tell your client “Sorry, we are waiting on IT to ________.”

#3 - When you need an app developed you shouldn't have to wait months or years.

Hello business user – you have a problem that you need to solve, it may not be a big problem, but it needs solving regardless. You put in a request with IT to get the app developed…and the response is “we can have that to you in about 6 months.” You take matters into your own hands and build something in Excel, but it is just not exactly what you need. This is one of the most frustrating things that exist in the business world, which is why no-code has developed so quickly. Users can now go to the internet, search for no-code tools, and launch a fairly robust app in a matter of days or weeks.

#2 - Built by the user eliminating bad requirements.

There is nothing more frustrating than participating in months and months of requirements, design, and development, then your app is delivered for “user acceptance” and it is not what you had envisioned as a user. This is because: there are too many people weighing in on your vision; your requirements are constrained by the available technology used; and the multitude of hand offs from requirements gathering, design, specs, and development. If you want a perfect application that matches your vision, you are the best person that can complete the task.

#1 - Your business changes quickly and your technology should keep up.

What if your business never changed, your customers were always happy with status quo, you had no competition, and your company was a cash cow? If this is the case, why are your reading this blog? Very few businesses if any are so lucky. Business changes every single day; there is no vacation in this world when it comes to change. As a user, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your business and not be held captive by IT development. No-code has now developed to such a state that you can create an app or technology stack to support many of the app functions that you need to operate your business. In today’s ever-changing competitive world, you have to keep up with customer desires or some other business will satisfy your clients and take them from you.

There you have it; 7 reasons you should know no-code - focused on the business user. This is not a knock-on IT teams and developers; this is just reality. For as long as software development has existed, the demand to build applications has outpaced the resources to do the work. The new no-code app development tools are now an opportunity for organizations to take control of some of their app development requirements. If any of these hit close to home, you should start researching what your tech stack should look like. Then you may want to start a “Center of Excellence” to help manage the no-code technology stack in your organization.



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