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December 14, 2021 Bug Fixes and Enhancements

2021-12-14 14_12_09-.jpg

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue with cancelled search calls.

  • Resolved data validation errors in the Currency Field with currencies ending in zero (i.e. $1.50).

  • Resolved data validation errors of imported date and time values.


  • There is now a new registration page that collects the user’s info and creates a trial account for them.

  • The home page of ReAccess now displays a “Sign In” option as well as a “Register” option. If a user selects “Sign In” and they do not have any applications, they will be rerouted to the Register page.

  • When searching on Date/Time fields, the search screen will now auto-populate the start time to 12:00am and the end time to 11:59pm. These can be modified by the user but allows users to search a date range without having to manually enter a time range as well.

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