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Bug Fixes and Enhancements

2021-12-14 14_12_09-.jpg


  • Search: If a dropdown was empty the search was not returning any results.

  • Search on Server: There was an issue with the value being lost after viewing a record and then clicking back to search.

  • Search Results not in Correct Order: ReAccess was missing the column order from App Builder.


  • Mobile Main App Area: The main area of the app was upgraded to work correctly on mobile. To do this, we had to upgrade our Fluent UI packages mentioned in the next section. The entire app should now work well on mobile.

  • App Builder Link: The link will no longer show up in the side navigation unless you are inside an app, and it has been removed if you are a user inside the app.

  • ReAccess Live: The event videos are in the Training Videos section. You can view them all in ReAccess, and they will auto-update when more are uploaded to YouTube.

Developer Enhancements:

  • Authorization: We have moved off the original React MSAL Auth, which has been decommissioned. We are now on Microsofts own MSAL Auth they released during the summer.

  • Fluent UI: Upgraded from Fluent UI 7 to Fluent UI 8. For the most part, the controls we used stayed the same. However, we had to rework some breaking changes with layout and styling to upgrade this library. This has also removed all references to the old ui Fabric project.

  • Error Handling: We have updated our error handling to now include more metrics

  • Performance Monitoring: We can now monitor an area of the app that might be causing slowdowns and see a better picture of the app as a whole.

  • PL5: Every API call in the app has been converted to call PowerLine 5. The calls to pay the most attention to from a ReAccess standpoint are centered around a record. They are getting, inserting, updating, and deleting a record. This API was the one that actually changed to consolidate logic and rules between ReAccess and the new API built out.

App Builder


  • Required flag on non data fields: We removed the required flag for text title and text block so that we did not try to validate these fields have data on save.

  • Data Source: Add {{}} to fields in Display Format


  • Excel Import File: The form order has been added.

  • Excel Import File: There are a bunch of new up front validations on the Excel file. These include making sure true/false, control type, field type, and other fields are spelled correctly on each sheet.

  • API Keys: A section has been added to App Builder. These changes are for the new API portion for an outside app to save data using app builder and not necessarily using our view (ReAccess).

  • Data Display Name: A Data Display Name field had been added for Forms. It's the same concept as the Data Display Name for Fields. This will auto-populate when typing in the name of the Form, cleaning it up as you type. It will also be auto-populated when an existing application is loaded in App Builder and they are empty.

Developer Enhancements:

  • PL5: All API calls have been converted to call PowerLine 5.

PowerLine 5

Our services have been moved into the PowerLine 5 project and are now wired into its services. For the most part, the calls are currently the same. However, minor tweaks were made moving over. The ApplicationEntity (saving of records) was the main API that was adjusted to the new format. In the future, we will slowly make these changes to all the API's over there. The goal is to eventually move them away from a Web App API and to a Function Project. After this deployment, we will shut down the old Client Services App.

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