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With ReAccess® No-Code Dev Platform (NCDP) 

you can do it yourself... or have it built by our experts.


Power User - DIY
  • One Application

  • 5 Users/Builders

  • 2 GB data storage

  • Auto Database Configuration

  • Azure Active Directory Security

  • Data Encryption

  • On-demand run-time

  • Built-in Audit Logs

  • App Builder User Guide

  • Pre-configured App Templates

  • User Configurable

  • Includes Microsoft SLA

  • Easy to add users $5/month

  • Add 10GB data storage $10/mth

Expert Built App

Our expert team will modernize your MS Access app, or build a new app, and deliver to your team in less than a week.

Specifically for MS Access apps which are self contained on a desktop w/o added scripts.

We use our LAD/D process and Access Decoder to quickly extract your app requirements and convert them into our ReAccess NoCode Dev Platform.

Requires "Power User" Services.

Data Migration

Our data experts will migrate your MS Access data to your new Expert Built ReAccess app.

Migration services are for MS Access databases which is self contained on a desktop/ laptop.

We use our built-in import and data definition tools to quickly configure your data and import it into your modernized ReAccess app. Max of 25,000 records.  Customer support is required.

Requires "Expert Built" App.

Power BI Reports

Our Power BI experts will connect your ReAccess app to Power BI Pro or PPU and create three (3) reports or charts from your data. 

You can add more reports when you are ready, or we will create additional reports for $100.00 per report. (Additional $15/mth fee will be added to your ReAccess Licenses for Power BI data use)

Requires "Expert Built" App and Power BI Pro or PPU License.

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