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What is it?

Microsoft's Description-

Cloud Solution Provider program - selling in-demand cloud solutions.

The Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) helps you go beyond reselling licenses to being more involved in your customer’s business.

  • Deeper engagement with your customers – meeting regularly with your customers means you will develop a better understanding of their business and needs.

  • Increase your profits – Offering increased support and billing services, whether on your own or through an indirect provider, opens up new revenue streams.

  • Add value – You’ll be able to offer customers industry-specific solutions bundled with Microsoft products.

  • Provide managed services – You’ll be well-positioned to meet customer demand for managed services.

18 thousand partners attended

only a few are CSP Direct Resellers

Microsoft Inspire 2018

About - CSP Direct

A limited selection of partners who have been approved to directly purchase Microsoft Cloud services and resell those to customers.

Microsoft Description-

Direct partners purchase Microsoft products and subscriptions directly from Microsoft and sell them directly to their customers through their in-house sales staff. Partners who already operate with, or are willing to develop, the appropriate sales, billing, and support infrastructure may choose the CSP direct model. (selection is now closed)

  • Have required Microsoft Advanced Support.

  • May bundle other vendor software or services.

  • May set prices.

  • Create contracts with partners and customers.

  • Control the entire customer relationship.


About - CSP Indirect

The majority of all Microsoft CSP partners are Indirect Resellers.

Many resellers prefer the indirect approach because it helps you go-to-market more quickly and easily while requiring less capital investment. Under the Indirect model, you may partner with an Indirect Provider or work with a Direct who provides your customer support and billing. This means you don’t have to begin on your own, but can work with an experienced partner to help ensure your success.  This model allows you to spend more time with your customers and provide specialized service offerings.