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Do Epic Stuff with your  data & app innovation  solutions using Azure and ReAccess from Intact.

What’s the challenges with Microsoft Access and other Windows desktop apps?

Lack of Security Updates - Risk & Compliance Concerns - Missed Innovation Opportunities

Microsoft Access versions 2013 and older are not supported by Windows 10 and are non-compliant with most Govt statutes.

Native Access does not provide backups and business continuity for the application and its data.

Modernized cloud solutions provide opportunities to keep current with innovations, security and compliance.

Why are customers upgrading to ReAccess in the cloud?

ReAccess is easy, secure and cost-effective. Compliance - Easy & Cost Effective - Innovation

There are more than one billion MS-Access active licenses world wide, and most are not supported by Windows 10.

ReAccess can migrate and deploy your MS-Access app within days or even hours. The running ReAccess app can be re-configured and deployed by the business user in minutes using our smart interface.

Microsoft’s Power BI tool integrates with ReAccess to provide analytics and reports for the user and IT. Azure Cosmos allows managed data storage and app processing. Imagine the possibilities with ReAccess and Azure.

Where do I start? Download the ReAccess SaaS app from Azure Market Place

Use our ReAccess tools to start new apps or migrate your existing apps

Our ReAccess decoder extracts forms, modules, reports and data from MS-Access

If needed, our team will work with your team to migrate your app

Your ReAccess app is tested and deployed in Azure Gov Cloud


•Replaces your Windows desktop applications using our PowerLine API and Azure Cloud.

•Upgrades your MS-Access and other apps like FoxPro & VB6.

•Is a SaaS solution which uses 100% Microsoft components.

•Uses decoder and filter to convert MS-Access into loadable objects.

•Maintains compliance with automated updates and support from Microsoft & Intact.


•Uses Azure Active Directory for security through Office 365.

•Provides simplified interface to Azure and Cloud configuration.

•Can scale as needed and distribute with a multi-model database from Azure Cosmos.

•Drives processing and storage efficiency through advanced intelligence and security.

•Provides IT dashboard for management & monitoring of associated solutions.

Microsoft Toolset

•Manage Identities and role-based security with Azure Active Directory.

•Integrate Power BI with ReAccess to incorporate a feature-rich, enterprise-ready BI platform.

•Embed fully interactive and up-to-date visual analytics directly in your apps.

Azure Cosmos

•Build solutions across the cloud,  test on real devices, and distribute,  while monitoring real-world usage  and analytics data.

•Make more informed decisions that  are predictive and holistic rather  than reactive and disconnected by  analyzing a diverse dataset from  the start.

•Keep your organization’s data  indefinitely, no matter the size.

•Uncover insights buried in your  data to optimize your business.

What are the benefits of ReAccess?

Replaces Windows desktop apps that are not secure, backed up, or compliant with state laws

Lowers the cost of Maintenance and Operations

Leverages Azure Cloud technologies for superior solutions

Provides Security and Centralized Management of applications

Time and Cost to production deployment is cut in half, or more

Empowers business users to design, implement and maintain applications