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For any inquiries, questions or commendations,
please call: (850) 757-1549.
Remember, partnering with Intact is free.

Mailing Address

Intact Partners, Inc.
1700 North Monroe Street,
Suite 11-222 Tallahassee, FL 32303



Intact CSP Advantages

There are advantages to being our partner.

  • Intact Concierge Service. We provide the partner support Microsoft should have. Studies show the UX, user-experience is of critical importance to the financial health of a company.
    Microsoft announced the end of its concierge service to partners. 8/2018

  • Intact Pricing and Terms. Winning more contracts is not all about price.  You know your customer and their appetite for services.  This knowledge leads to the "deal", price and terms.

  • In-demand service offerings. Quotes: Microsoft, >70% of all IT is moving to 'Cloud First' procurement now.  Gartner, Datacenter is Dead by 2025.

  • PowerLine platform services. Intact found years ago, writing less code increased our profit. There is no reason today to write data and storage services and with PowerLine many application services are already in the Cloud too.

  • Customer Management Services. Usually partners think about the management of services in a contract, completely ignoring the management of the customer.  Things like payments, contracts, strategic planning, meetings, etc., all those things taken for granted we do for you.

Its easy to become our partner and its free. Just call or contact us to get you setup.


Intact Digital Collection


Intact Concierge Services

Intact Partners maintains a digital library or collection of useful information for public use.  Intact also makes private information available to our partners.

We will be adding links and full documents to our collection over time.  This should be one of your bookmarked favorites page.