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GOV - Focus on Access/VB6

Government has a problem: Non-compliant Access Applications
What government does:
  • Government collects information.

  • Information is now data stored in computers.

  • Government wants reports on the stored information.

  • Big databases cost a lot of money

This is where the problem begins

Government workers started years ago developing low-cost everyday solutions for getting work done.  Microsoft Office with Access database was a nice fit for the desktop computer and DIY systems were born.

According to a 2017 Gartner report, government spends an extra $3 for each $10 of IT budget funds.  This DIY is called "shadow IT" and it is pervasive.

Memory leaks are bad news to programmers, siphoning off CPU resources and burning cash.  They fight them at all costs.  Shadow IT to many IT Pros smells like a memory leak, sucking up expensive IT budget resources on DIY amateur developed apps, something to remove.  These unsupported applications are huge risks to everyone.


Reality is, IT shops never had the resources to develop these simple "amateur" applications to begin with and these apps have saved companies and governments vast amounts of money.  Because they were developed using cheap labor or the employee workforce, there was never any "basis" cost assigned to these applications and seemingly are free, or generating an ROI of 100%.

Many of these apps have been adopted by IT departments over the past 25 years and many more are recognized but not "officially" supported by IT.  Worse, there is no vendor support.  Workers are on their own, nobody to call.

There are literally thousands of unsupported Microsoft Access applications in service in every state government.  There are also thousands of VB6 applications.  No support means there is nobody to call when it breaks.

None of these are suitable for the Internet, highly connected world, with very complex legislation.

Intact with its partners can fix the unsupported application government problem and we can scale it out.  Intact uses its cloud services platform PowerLine, to deliver application services to users.  The heavy duty work and specialized code is still done by a developer partner.  Everything else (the bulk of the work) is done by our CodeSolve automation services.  In many cases there is no development needed.

Microsoft Access is one of a large number of similar applications governments have that Intact can fix.  If your government agency or (your government client) has Access, FoxPro, Paradox, or any old ASP classic, coldfusion, etc., you need to contact Intact.

For a primer of risk with Microsoft Access, Windows 10, and Cloud computing take a look here (links out).

What is the problem then for government?  What is the risk?  Should you be concerned?

If computing systems stayed in the 1990-era technology the answer would be no problem.  However, technology is now nearly into the 3rd decade of the 21st century.  Nothing is the same (except maybe the outdated laws and procurement methods).  

To answer the questions above in reverse order for government managers, business unit leaders, IT Pros, and elected officials:

  1. Be very concerned.  Kicking the "can" of technology investments down the road, has already created a staggering financial deficit that surely will come due.  Heads will surely roll.

  2. Risk is huge.  Risks posed by failure to invest in simply keeping on par in technology create a financial budget concern.  Lawsuits cost millions.  Failure to secure the public information leads to lawsuits.  Failure to operate on time causes productivity loss.  Environmental issues, healthcare, transportation, taxes, manufacturing, entertainment, just about everything has a dependency on some government computing system.  They are old, fragile, insecure, and simply not up to today's needs and requirements.

  3. The problem for government is how to pay for the change.  To try to replace existing systems would require the combined human effort of the entire IT workforce that built these systems over the past 30 years.  It is simply not possible in those terms.  The financial expense is incalculable.

How to solve the problem:

  1. Use technology to modernize old desktop systems, with automation and cloud services.

  2. Fix Security and Compliance challenges with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.
  3. Download ReAccess can migrate and deploy your desktop apps within days or even hours.

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