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please call: (850) 757-1549.
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Intact Partners, Inc.
1700 North Monroe Street,
Suite 11-222 Tallahassee, FL 32303

 Intact CSP Direct Reseller 

A Microsoft Direct Reseller is a distributor of Microsoft Cloud services.  Intact has full end-to-end price control.  When doing business with the government it is very important to have the pricing power to win more business.

Partner with us for FREE!

What can you sell?

Intact's Direct Reseller catalog has all of the Microsoft Cloud products in hundreds of variations. Working with Intact you are able to selectively choose just the right options. More, we are able to bundle other vendor products to fine tune your proposal.

Why is Intact different?

Unlike Indirect Providers, a Direct works with the client to create a custom "deal".  Our partner is our client and by extension the end-user customer.

You get designer, control by working with Intact.

Am I locked into Intact?

People always ask, the answer is no.  You are free to purchase anywhere.  However, it may be costly or difficult to move a customer who has already purchased.

Don't have a sales department?

We have partner services who can do your prospecting and service calling for you at very reasonable rates.  However, you know your customer, bring us to your meeting, we can help you close business.


leap of faith

Intact is your partner.  We only win if you do.  We are a professional team member with you.  Your customer stays your customer.  We need partners to accomplish our mission.

Intact drives business to you through our referrals and from Microsoft inside sales.

We are not asking you to change your business model, but we will help you add to it.

Selling Microsoft Cloud is definitely involved, if that is not your model, then let Intact help do the selling.

If you have questions or concerns then call us
(850) 757-1549 or use Contact menu.