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For any inquiries, questions or commendations,
please call: (850) 757-1549.
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Intact Partners, Inc.
1700 North Monroe Street,
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Sometimes you just want to put your head down. Tech support often seems a joke!

If you feel that way, Intact Concierge Services has the answer.


Intact Concierge Service offers you personalized - designed for you support.  Real support is more than just a technical fix.



Over the top support

Intact Concierge Service is an enhanced customer experience for online and phone support.
Intact is focused on deliberate, authentic and consistent service. Our Concierge Service objective is to build a customer experience strategy to authentically reflect each partners unique business, brand and vision in order to help our partners reduce cost, increase value and create differentiation.  We strive to understand our partner's needs and tailor our Concierge Service to enhance their experience.  We will consult with each partner to identify, analyze, and develop an understanding of every touch point to design a better customer service experience.

(and the cost to partner with Intact is - nothing)

Intact Concierge Service
for your unique need


For starters, support means we will do whatever it takes to ensure that our partner is satisfied.  If we can't, we will help you find some other Direct that may be able to solve your unique issue.

At Intact we equip you with the services you need.  If that means we must go and acquire additional vendor relationships for you to be successful, we will do our best to make that happen.

Most partners need some training on cloud services, Intact offers assistance, and training to you and if needed, to your end-user client.

Managing end-user client relationships is a challenge for some partners.  Most partners are project oriented.  We provide the cloud billing and collection for you, letting you focus on your business.

There are those large partners who don't need or want much from us but the contracting and bid support.  Intact is flexible to assist even the largest customers.

To partner with Intact is free.

If this does not completely answer your questions, pick up the phone and call us: (850) 757-1549 or click the Contact menu.


GOV Support

Government clients require unique support.  The technology is but one of the challenges.  Unfortunately government users on systems considered "non-critical" are the least supported by vendors and their own staff.

Intact builds in support.  We have found that government procurements weight initial cost disproportionately following purchasing rules that are out of step with modern systems.

We do something simple to fix this in our government service offerings, remove the up-front procurement cost.  Called "Level-budget" services, Intact is helping government agencies procure the services they need that come with support.

Imagine having dedicated support personnel attached to your services.

For information: (850) 757-1549 or Contact menu


Business Support

Business clients expect support and Intact works with our partners to deliver.

Intact works through partners to service and support business clients.  There are several reasons for this, but the primary reason is relationship.

Business focused partners understand the "book of business" is sacred territory.  You work hard to build trust with clients and it is protected.  Intact understands and honors the trust relationship.  In-fact we count on it to drive more and deeper business deals.

To service business effectively Intact offers tailored support contract services to your minimum support SLA.  With these options, partners can work with their clients to achieve the best service available.

Thinking you would like to hear more? Call Intact at (850) 757-1549 or Contact menu.