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For any inquiries, questions or commendations,
please call: (850) 757-1549.
Remember, partnering with Intact is free.

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Intact Partners, Inc.
1700 North Monroe Street,
Suite 11-222 Tallahassee, FL 32303

CSP Direct

Helping Government and large enterprise simplify their cloud services and applications
Our Mission is to empower our clients through Microsoft cloud services.


Deployed to your government / enterprise cloud


Automated cloud services consumption


Enterprise Information Management


Azure Active Directory



no-code app development tool


Intact PowerLine Solutions

Upgrade Microsoft Access to Azure


PowerLine is a Microsoft Azure cloud service which automates Azure cloud services consumption and accelerates application design and delivery.

ReAccess is an end-to-end Microsoft no-code App Builder solution which empowers you to build the apps you want in hours.

PowerLine by Intact automates the usage of 28 (and counting) common Azure cloud services and enables Rapid DevOps. IT no longer needs to think about provisioning infrastructure and services for applications. PowerLine automates service usage, maintains security, manages Cosmos DB, and provides ReAccess ‘no-code’ app development solutions.



We believe you can make a difference in government. Intact has proven this to be true. Extreme customer support is key.  We deliver support you want and that you should have received.
At Intact, we try hard to think differently and we understand if employees had better solutions, citizens would have better service.
Intact is a Gold Microsoft Partner, with government as our focus. We like to work with companies that are working with government or their enterprise is in support of government.

Intact is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Direct Reseller.  That simply means we sell and service our customers directly as a distributor of Microsoft services. We have Indirect Resellers, our partners, who own the relationship with end-user clients. Partnering with Intact is free.





For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (850) 757-1549 or fill out the following form below. Remember, partnering with Intact is free.

Mailing Address

267 John Knox Rd.

Suite 203

Tallahassee, Florida  32303

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To apply for a career with Intact Partners, please send a short cover letter on how you can help support our vision and mission, along with your C.V. to: Jobs@itintact.com

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