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State Government Solution for Application Accessibility Issues.

Recreate work applications as “work-at-home” apps in under two hours secured by using your existing Microsoft Office 365 and Azure tenant.


Florida Emergency Supplier Network Listed

Continue to serve your community.

Simple Recreation

Recreation process takes under 2 hours and less than 15 minutes of work.


Seamless Continuity

Your application will work on your home device, like it did in the office, with all the same data.

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90-day POC

Your free service period only begins once your app has been recreated*.


*Apps must be published by 06/30/2020, no limit on number of apps or users.

Florida Customers

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Received an e-mail?

ReAccess® is immediately available to you secured with your “Work or School” Microsoft Office 365 account. To access follow these steps:

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  1. Download ReAccess from Microsoft Store here

  2. Login using your existing work Office 365 credentials

  3. Follow steps to recreate your application as a work-at-home solution

Not received an e-mail?

If you qualify (i.e. Federal, State, Local Government workers), please complete the form below:

Thanks for submitting!

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