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Special focus: Microsoft Access/VB6 Solutions and Support

It is no secret, government IT is difficult.  Employees have unique challenges including risk, procurement, and operation. Balancing these to get the best solution possible is the challenge.  Intact is building its Digital Collection (library) as an on-going project assisting government agencies with detailed information or links to information.

Intact's team has deep understanding of Florida government and with our partners,  we cover multiple states.

Florida Capital Buildings

Government agencies, state and local (SLG) can benefit by working with a Microsoft Direct Reseller.  Governments of any size rarely use a single contractor or single vendor.  Companies such as Microsoft cannot offer a total solution in SLG, partners are the last-mile solution providers.

A CSP Direct Reseller (Intact) simplifies procurement.  We can work with any contractor, vendor, or agency team at any time on any project.  We have complete contracting and pricing control.  Indirect Providers are not equipped to deliver the same level of service.


Cycles are so long that technology changes before orders can be created.  Subscription services are almost impossible.


Fluctuating invoices, typical of subscription services makes budget analysis and law-makers nuts. Creating a usefull budget is impossible.


Support is practically non-existent from the worker perspective. Unlike commercial accounts, who do you call when it breaks?


Because of the other challenges mentioned, government ends up getting technical solutions that just don't meet the needs.


About Intact Procurement

Intact has pioneered with government agencies a new procurement model meeting current purchasing methods but recognizes the fact that technology is no longer delivered as hardware, network cables, storage devices, and custom developed software programs.  That delivery model (IBM circa 1960) does not exist.  Today, to purchase services under the old rules requires very creative ways to put new things in old boxes.  Resulting in:

  • Higher cost

  • Lower performance

  • Poor customer satisfaction

  • Systems so fragile, updates are next to impossible.

Intact solves the top four government IT issues with our "Level-Budget(tm)" services.

Intact is Direct Reseller letting us freely create the best "deal" for our client.  Our job is to satisfy our client's needs and to provide awesome support for years to come.  Microsoft has stepped back from sales and support, giving that over to the Direct - Intact.

Let us talk to you about Level-Budget services for government.