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Intact is a Microsoft CSP Direct Reseller.  We sell cloud services by creating a partner relationship with other companies.

We are still working on our new go-to-market with our business development team and advisory board for business entities. Please continue reading...

We would like to talk to interested companies.


Intact is focused on government IT cloud services and the companies that work mainly in the government contracting space.  If your company contracts for government IT services we are interested in talking and working out partnering details.


Intact is looking for business IT relationships in several categories:

  1. COTS packages that you market that are cloud ready or you would like to move to cloud.

  2. You are an ISV with solutions that you want to cloud.

  3. Your company wishes to bring a totally new product to market on cloud and you are not a software company.


Intact is expanding into certain business areas closely aligned to government while not government entities.
We want to talk if:

  1. Your company is a Gov-NPO, quasi-government, or provide services to government

  2. You provide regulatory or compliance services

  3. Your company provides assistance to government

Intact is interested in these business areas: healthcare, industrial, financial services, aerospace, automotive.