Vision: To "own" the Microsoft cloud rapid development solution channel.

Intact will be the company all rapid cloud development solutions are measured by.

Mission: To empower our clients through Microsoft cloud solutions.

Using our unique Microsoft CSP capabilities and PowerLine / ReAccess tools, we are empowering our clients to efficiently use Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

Partner Relationship

What Intact does.

We locate and recruit new partners. We equip, train, and support their business efforts. We are not trying to change your business model, but rather to open new opportunity and get you more business.  

How we work with our partners.

There are two partner relationships with Intact. A partner can use either one.  We as the Direct Reseller have full control over the sales configuration which is good for you.  This lets Intact and our partner create the very best offer we can give to a client.  Because we can do this, you will win more business.

The diagram below shows three sales scenarios.  (Left to right) The first shows one of the partner relationships where we are working with a large partner reseller who owns the total deal with the end client.  The second shows the typical CSP Indirect Reseller relationship where Intact handles the billing, collection, and customer support.  The third shows a complex customer relationship, not unusual in government, where multiple partners are involved at different relationship levels.

Partner Advantages:

  • Flexibility - It is to our advantage to help our partner. The Direct Reseller has the ultimate flexibility in creating a deal.

  • Bundling - Intact is not limited to just Microsoft, we can bundle any other vendor product necessary to satisfy the client needs.

  • Your Products - Many partners have their own intellectual property. In fact this is often the profit maker for the partner.

  • Pricing - End-to-End pricing control. Intact works with you to create the best price model on a deal by deal basis, winning more bids.

  • Support - Purchase the best support package that fits your client needs.

  • Recurring revenue - Depending on the deal, our partner may create a recurring revenue stream.


Intact Partners Inc is based in Tallahassee, Florida.  We are focused on government and related technology.  Our primary business is selling and servicing Microsoft Cloud solutions.  We do this by working with partners.

Intact is a CSP Direct Reseller, authorized government, education, and commercial.  Intact is also able to provide enterprise agreement (EA) terms to qualifying customers.  Intact offers the entire Microsoft Cloud services lines: Office 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure Cloud.



Intact is partner guided, we add to our partner's team.

Company Professional Representation

Legal: Fred Harris, Greenberg Traurig

Accounting: Michele Mays, Mays CPA

Founder and CEO. In business since 1981, Larry has worked globaly for industrial corporations and with government clients. He has more than 25 years in government solutions. Larry served as the CIO for Florida Department of State.  He has worked with Microsoft products since 1984 and is a Gold Partner, MVP, and Microsoft support. Larry is also an AWS Consulting Partner rounding out the typical government request.

J. Larry Aultman

Shelley serves as the COO, managing employee HR, accounting services, customer business relations. She ensures that all things run smoothly, involved in the planning and procurements.  Shelley has had experience in insurance and benefits management providing services to regional hospital employees.

Shelley Aultman

Director of Operations and Business Development. Chet has a BS in Management Information Systems (FSU) and was previously a Management Consultant with North Highland.  He has more than 30 years' experience transforming People, Processes, and Technology into efficient operational systems. Chet manages the Microsoft relationship bridge to Intact's partner ecosystem.

Chet Hall

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